Sample Retainer Agreement
Prebich & Sullivan, P.C.
Attorneys at Law

THIS AGREEMENT is made this _____ day of _______, 20__ between Prebich & Sullivan, P.C. as Attorney and ___________________ as client, whereby client retains and employs the Prebich & Sullivan, P.C. to represent clients' interests relative to: _____________________________________.
Client shall cooperate with attorneys by attending any scheduled appointments, hearings, meetings, or trial relative to the instant matter and should client's address or telephone number change, client shall immediately inform the office. If client fails to so cooperate, or otherwise perform the agreements set forth herein, attorney may withdraw from representation. This Agreement does not obligate the attorneys to appeal this matter to a higher court should an adverse or unfavorable decision result in this matter.
Client may dismiss the attorneys as attorneys of record regarding this matter at any time, but client shall be responsible for any bill for services rendered up to that occurrence. If client requests a copy of the file or portions thereof, then client shall pay for said photocopies.
Client is principally responsible for attorney fees resulting from this representation and client shall pay a retainer of $_______.00 (as a down-payment) before any action is taken on said matter.
Attorney time will be charged at a rate of $225.00 per hour. Time will be charged in increments of two-tenths of an hour, minimum. (A sample billing is on the reverse for your review). (The sample billing can be found here).
Client shall also be responsible for advancing all costs of litigation, including: costs of investigation, telephone expenses, postage, recording fees, title company charges, court costs, mileage, expert and non-expert witness fees, sheriff's fees and any other necessary costs incurred or advanced by attorneys on behalf of client.
Client statements will be run semi-monthly and fees earned and costs incurred will be deducted semi-monthly from the retainer on deposit, with client to receive one summary statement at the end of the month. If the retainer runs out, client will be expected to advance further funds as retainage.
Client is primarily responsible for all attorney fees and costs incurred in this matter and said fees will be paid pursuant to this Agreement, even if the court should award the attorneys fees to client from an adverse party.
Statements are due within thirty (30) days. If full payment on the final billing is not received within thirty (30) days of the billing, attorneys may elect, at their sole option, enforcement of the obligation through legal process. Any statement will be deemed to be accepted and affirmed by the client unless objected to in writing within 10 days of the date of the statement. Failure to give notice within 10 days constitutes a waiver of objection and the fees will be deemed acknowledged as due and owing. Client agrees to pay any and all fees and costs incurred in the collection and enforcement of this Agreement, including but not limited to attorney fees.
If client requests all or a part of the file from attorney, either during representation or upon or after termination of representation, client shall be liable to attorney for a charge of 15 cents per page.
Please be advised that at the time your case is concluded and file closed your original documents will be returned to you, should you so request. Case files are maintained for a period of ten (10) years and are then appropriately destroyed. No notice of intended destruction will be provided at that time.

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